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          1. about us

            Cixi Langchen Textile Co.,Ltd(Zhejiang Ningbo Hand-Love Import & Export Co.,Ltd.) has more than ten years of experience as a leader in the fields of yarn and hand protection. Our focus is on ensuring that our customers receive quality products at competitive prices, backed by excellent service and support.

            Today our offerings include yarns, gloves and socks. We sell products to countries overseas, mainly to US, France, Japan, Mexico.

            Over the years, my company has always been winning the trust of our customers with our excellent quality.

            Our staff pursue the working principle of "high quality and perfect service” and look forward to working with you hand in hand with full confidence. Welcome friends all over the world to visit and negotiate business with our company.


            The yarns we produce are mainly used for knitting fabrics, clothes, gloves and socks. Our yarn factory is divided into…

            The glove factory specializes in manufacturing protective gloves. The main products we manufacture are…

            We have added socks into our production line and introduced 100pcs sock-making machines…

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